Do you think in heirarchial or flowing streams of thought? Which one is better? This has often been debated in the Tools for Thought world. But there is no reason to debate, both methods are winners!
The advent of visualization tools being integrated with your notes is upon us in 2023.
Many writers are exploring Artifical Intelligence as a writing tool, but authors need to weigh in balance what their read expect from them.
There is a new Tool for Thought on the horizon that goes by the name Tana, and there is a lot of buzz about it on Twitter and YouTube.
This is the first article in a series I call “Tools for Thought designed for humans”.
If you own an iPad, I will show you an easy way to turn your tablet into an Obsidian hacking machine for working with CSS, Markdown and JS.
I have been experimenting with a simple method to organize better and navigate my ever-growing vault of notes.
Obsidian is fast. This is one of the things it is known for; even when running on older or less powerful devices, it is speedy!
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